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Artemis Project for Truth Commission Testimonies

Mission Statement

The Artemis Project for Truth Commission Testimonies aims to compile a central repository for truth commission oral histories and other public documentation from around the world. The archive will copy and collect testimony from truth commissions pursuing accountability for past atrocities and human rights abuses and make that material broadly accessible. A central archive of truth commission oral histories will provide:

  1. An academic center demonstrating that the contemporary condition for transition to democracy is a society’s ability to confront and speak its truth.
  2. Evidence of the mass atrocities and human rights abuses perpetrated by regimes around the world.
  3. A safeguard against theft, mutilation, and destruction of meticulously-compiled TC documentation by malicious parties in TC home countries.
  4. A major and much-needed resource to scholars of human rights, international law, history, political science, and literature.
  5. Honor and recognition for the witnesses and victims of human rights abuses and a living memorial to counteract forgetfulness, ignorance, and willful denial.
  6. A nexus between the far-flung truth and reconciliation commission archives around the world.
  7. An archival, intellectual, and ethical inheritor of the Yale Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies and a guarantee that the crucial and prescient work of the Fortunoff Archive remains relevant.
  8. Technological and documentary reproof to those who might plead, “We could not know, we had no idea.”
  9. The archive may take the form of a coordinated digital gateway; a documentation archive; an audio-video archive; an information database. Decisions about what forms of material to collect and how to make it accessible will be made by the Artemis Project Advisory Committee, currently comprised of representatives from Yale Law School, Yale Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the International Center for Transitional Justice. The project will seek fertile partnerships among universities and other institutions.

Target Truth Commission Collections:

Africa: Congo (DRC) (in progress) Ghana Liberia (in progress) Morocco (in progress) Nigeria Rwanda (Gacaca) (in progress) Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe,

Americas: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay (in progress), Peru, Uruguay,

Asia: East Timor, Indonesia (in progress), Nepal, Philippines, South Korea,

Caribbean: Haiti, Europe, Former Yugoslavia, Germany (Gauck-Behörde), Prospective Kenya